Rules & Regulations

In Field

  1. 3 substitutions (+1 in ET during knockout stages).
  2. A yellow card on consecutive match day will lead to one game suspension during the group stages. Whereas, the rules for yellow card will be nullified for the knockout stages.
  3. Picking up 2 yellow cards or one red card in a particular game will ban the player for next match day.
  4. Mandatory shin pads and stockings for every match.
  5. ONLY ONE NON ARUNACHAL player should be present in the match at once. (Defaulters will be penalised with a 3-0 forfeit).
  6. Delay in reporting for the match will lead to playing the match with the remaining time only. No extra time will be provided.
  7. If a team is short of 11 players whereas the opposition team is ready. The match will start according to time and the team will have to play with the no of players that they have.
  8. Anyone leaving the tournament before the complete group stages will be acknowledged as a liability for the tournament and necessary actions by the committee will be taken.
  9. All the players in a match day squad should be in the original list of 22 players. (Defaulters will be penalised with a 3-0 forfeit).
  10. No use of false language during the game.

Off Field

  1. SMOKING in the complex will be penalised with a fine of 1000/-. Every team should also advice their fans/supporters to not do the same as they will also be penalised.
  2. The players should only be in their dugout and also the manager should be in the technical area.
  3. No player or supporter should be behind the goal post.
  4. All the substitutes must be with bibs.
  5. Any kind of indiscipline or rude behaviour towards the complex staff will not be tolerated to any level.