The last day of the league fixtures came and we let out a sigh of relief as all the work that we put in had given us result and we were already hyped awaiting the semifinals. As we approached the end of the season, the team's yet to qualify were trying to get a spot and those who had already completed their league fixtures were praying hard so that the results at the end of the day would be in their favour. The points that the team's won or lost,the hardwork and dedication they put in would matter now, today was the day that would prove which team's gets in and which team's don't. So the day began with a suspense,everyone waiting for the results. With Liekos already having a spot in the semi finals and Super 22 already knocked out of the tournament, Liekos were awarded with 3 points with a walk over. 

 The first fixture of the day was between AUFC and ADFC, one the defending champions and the other with already a spot in the semis.  With this the team's kicked off with  Aufc's life hanging by the thread as they had to win it or they would be knocked out of the tournament and ADFC playing with nothing to lose. Both the team's with all the stakes in mind for them,and for other teams as well started moving the ball around, the first match of the last day of league fixtures, sounds intense right? Well sorry to break it to you but the first match wasn't as intense as we had expected it to be. Maybe it was the pressure or something else, the match just wasn't what I had expected it to be. With this said there were goals scored from both the sides but there was something missing and with this the match came to an end with AUFC winning by a margin of 2-1. 

 With this the final four spots had been taken, with wolves going in the top four due to the results of the match. Thus, with this Kameng FC's journey came to an end and also the rest.  

 With one more match to go,Kameng already knowing the outcome showed sportsmanship by kicking off with Wolves. 

 By the end of the league fixtures , Amigos Kameng fc and Super 22 were out of the tournament with ADFC,AUFC,Liekos andd Wolves moving forward. The suspense and the journey will keep on moving forward until one team lifts up the cup. Stay tuned.