As we pushed towards the fifth day nearing the end of league matches with most of the team's really wanting a place at the top four,heartbeats racing like never before, we kicked off with a late start due to the incompetence and lack of good spirit,and with their endless losing streak Super22 didn't show up on time and the match started with an unexpected seven versus eleven between Kameng and Super 22. The two teams started the day with Super 22 working on their defense,trying hard not to concede and with time the numbers became even. Kameng fc with new hopes and clinging to this match as a lifeline tried to break the defense but the lack of communication and lack of will to cooperate led them to focus on their individual game rather than the team's game making them lose possession quickly and taking some unnecessary shots. With some changes done players too started realising their real objective, and with this they scored their first goal of the day and the second goal followed soon afterwards. With this Kameng took their second win home and handed Super 22 their another loss. 

 With the second match starting and time being an issue we tried to keep our calm hoping that time would not be a concern. Thus the second match between Liekos and ADFC started,every one on the field wanting to know the outcome with both being very good teams. The match was fierce as expected with both teams trying hard to find the back of the net with the defense line being alert all the time made it all more difficult for the strikers to meet the goalie. As the match progressed in the second half we saw more goals and with some fouls a ADFC player was sent off for the day. With both teams showing promise and focusing to win with the scoreline undergoing some changes, ADFC with a man down,the match ended as a draw with a scoreline of 2-2, leaving behind a statement for every team on the field. Both here to win and Liekos maintaining a record of zero losses. 

 As it was time for the third match to begin between Amigos and Aufc time became an issue after all we had to reap what we sow as the committee was understanding enough to wait to start the first match knowing time was of the essence. So with this in mind the match started between Amigos and Aufc both suffering a loss in the previous match,kicked off with hopes to find a spot in the table both determined to win with both team missing some of the key players. Both teams trying to gain and maintain possession, trying hard to score goals. But the match ended with a draw with a scoreline of 1-1. Aufc and Amigos yet to up their game to find a spot for the semifinals,feeling pressured they ended the match feeling sore complaining about shortage of time, but with all setbacks left behind we move forward looking towards a new challenge,a new day.