With day four pushing forward we could feel the pressure developing around the team's,there was tension in the air and we could feel it all around us. A new day  filled with hopes and a lot of pressure as we are soon ending with the league fixtures. So the day began with AUFC and Kameng playing each other, pressure so high that we could feel it,both here to win. With their previous losses in mind,determined more than ever,they kicked off for the day and as time passed the intensity grew. Kameng with continuous disappointment were determined and everybody could see it, a wonderful game of football displayed and also the first hat trick of the tournament by Kameng. Aufc missing two key players clearly made an impact but they gave their all and scored two goals in the match, but little did they realise that Kameng was ready to rumble and the match ended with a 4-2 scoreline Kameng with the victory they deserved and a reason to keep moving forward. 

 The second match started between Amigos and Wolves,with Wolves filled with new fighting spirit and a morale boost like never before they were ready as new. The match began and within the first half came the injury, Amigos having to use up their substitution,pressure building up with previous losses in mind. With the game building up and wolves performing like never before and Amigos players not being able to be in sync with each other affected the game in a major way .The game went on and the scoreline became 1-1 and both the team's tried to break the defense, trying to get the ball past the keeper, some discussion with the refree but wolves with the new energy swept the game by scoring against Amigos and making the score line 2-1, yet another victory for Wolves and a crushing defeat for Amigos. 

 And as we were all tired the third fixture of the day was quite entertaining and in addition to that some people were actually thinking if somehow Super 22 with some kind of luck would win but dreams don't always come true. So the match was between ADFC and Super 22, as 22 is seen as a total number of goals they are gonna concede in the whole tournament with 0 goals scored. ADFC with their consistent performance trying to grab a win and move on up to the table started taking shots,destroying the Super 22 defense with their keeper displaying good goalkeeping instincts who tried his utmost with some brilliant saves. With this said, ADFC started scoring one goal after another making it rain on Super 22 as they say"the first half was even and the second half was even worse". The match created an awkward situation as if Super 22 were wearing Nike's but they couldn't do it. Jokes apart,Super 22 must be proud of the fact that they scored their first goal in Asl 2019 and left their first print in the tournament and keeping their heads held up high might knowing what tomorrow holds. This is all for day 4. Stay tuned for more.