The third day had it's own challenges as it was one of the hottest days with the Delhi sun doing what it does best, torture us and with this great deal of torture from the sun we began our third day with a tepid attitude. The first match started between Wolves and ADFC, the underdogs fighting for a lifeline and the other playing to dominate and win. It was a fantastic match with both teams having something to prove. The intensity had increased a lot since the first day as the points were crucial to all the team's then ever before. With this the fight to have a spot on the table started,wolves displaying wonderful counter play's and ADFC trying to create the perfect balance in the game. There were many missed chances, brilliant saves and some silly  

 mistakes but wolves took the game home as they won 3-2. It  was the first loss of ADFC and the first win of wolves and a new lifeline to fight for a place in the table.  

 The second match started between Amigos and Kameng, having the same points. The whistle blew and the fight began, Amigos trying to get the three points as they had lost their previous match and Kameng trying to make it up for their unexpected start of the tournament as they had lost their first match. 

 The players tired,found it hard to keep calm and focus with the sun directly over our heads,torturing everyone mentally and physically,the scoreline didn't bulge with a 0-0 scoreline until the later half when the latest international addition to our ASL family scored a perfect freekick with no words to describe it making the scoreline 1-0 and getting Amigos yet another win. With this the match came to an end with another Amigos victory and Kameng losing their second match in a row.  

 The third match was between Liekos and AUFC fighting to stay at the top of the table with both teams enjoying only the sweet taste of victory, today was the day that would prove to be the tiebreaker. The match started with both teams desperate and hungry for the ball trying to dominate the game and keep the top spot for themselves. Aufc missing their crucial player due to an injury pushed forward with hope not lost and Liekos put up a fight as always with constant pressure in and off pitch. Both the team tried to maintain possession,not giving up easily which resulted in some cheap challenges leading to cards being drawn up by the refree.  Liekos with their consistency and the strategic mind of their manager were able to keep AUFC at bay defeating them 2-1 claiming the top spot with zero losses maintaining a win streak which many would have loved to end With this ended a long day of work with everyone looking forward to the new surprises tomorrow may hold.It 's all for day 3,stay tuned for more ASL updates.