-by Lobsang, ASL Committee member

Ever loved something so much that you forget to breathe for a few seconds while watching it? Well that’s exactly what most of the fans and viewers of the ASL experience with the tournament progressing at a very elevated and smooth manner.
But such high intensity of emotions come with its own flaws. When you give so much of yourself to the game-and football being an aggressive game- it’s very natural to have heated stand-offs throughout the game. The form these disputes take can sometimes turn out to be ugly. And the entire friction is so compatible with everything that it may start of at any point of time and between anyone: it can be the two teams facing each other bickering over who’s right, or a heated plea by a player to the officials of the match, the audience likes to involve itself as well by calling out names which sometimes can demoralize the entire circumstance.
But at the end of the day, or at the end of the event the reason for the entire dispute appeared because the individuals involved were ready to give all of what they had. The beauty is that even with multiple words yelled out loud, even with curses running throughout and even with great rivalry, the heat gets absorbed somewhere once the whistle takes the stand. The very same players who were yelling at each other are seen hugging and apologizing for the rage they presented.
Because at the end of the day we’re all sports people bonded with each other through the sacred tie called Football. And the heat that’s shared on the ground stays there, every moment becomes a beautiful memory to talk about in near future turning even the hate shared on ground into a story they’ll laugh on.
That’s Football, that is the Arunachal Super League.