As we kicked off for the second day it was filled with new challenges not only for the players but also for the members of the committee as we were running behind in terms of time. The first match started between liekos and wolves, determination clearly visible on the pitch as both the team's tried penetrating each other's defense. The never give up attitude showed by both teams helped them in maintaining a 0-0 scoreline, also the intensity of the match created a nail biting phase until liekos scored and really showed everyone that they are here to win. Thus the match came to an end with a Liekos victory with a scoreline of 1-0 and wolves with their second loss of the tournament.  

 The second match between AUFC and Super 22 came with elements which clearly no one had expected. Just as the refree blew his whistle and the match started, goals came raining down against Super 22 as if it was raining cats and dogs in terms of goals.The first goal was scored by AUFC just minutes after the match began and then the goals kept coming proving why AUFC are the defending champions. The match got heated up with some nudge and tug leading to more push and pull and some uncalled actions. After the first goal was conceded the God of mercy was nowhere to be seen as AUFC strikers kept on punishing the defense of Super 22 and the scoreline was 5-0 in no time. Th Super 22 players kept on trying and as a result they kept Aufc at bay not letting them score any more goals and the match ended with a 5-0 scoreline. 

 The third match was between Amigos and the latest addition of the tournament, Dehradun fc.As Dehradun fc made its debut in Asl a lot of words were already in the air about their performance and Dfc proved them right with their fitness level and composure on pitch.

 Every one was excited to see the match as Dfc were making their first appearance against one of the most celebrated team of the tournament Amigos fc. The match began with Dehradun scoring a goal and Amigos retaliating with a goal. There was a lot of pressure in and off pitch as Dfc scored again and certain decisions of officials were questioned by the Amigos side. The match ended with a scoreline of 3-1 with Amigos being handed out their first defeat in the tournament. The members did a commendable job in not letting time to be an issue for the team's and as expected the day was a success. The second day came with its own lessons teaching everyone to keep their heads held up high no matter the results as winning and losing are all part of the game and respecting each other as we are all bound by a common love for football. This was all for the second day, stay tuned for more.