The 6th season of ASL came to life on the 10th of October as Amigos and Super 22 went head to head against each other with a lot of emotions involved in the game. The hardwork and passion of the players could be seen as they fought for the ball,trying to break each other's defense. Being on the sidelines watching the live action was a thrilling experience. The first day was also marked with the debut of the first international player  in ASL.  Both teams gave exceptional performance but luck was on amigos side as they emerged victorious with a 2-0 score line. 

The second match came with a surprise between AUFC and Wolves,as  wolves dominated the game with a 3-0 scoreline,but  AUFC kept their calm and made a come back beating wolves 4-3. The manager of AUFC did a commendable job as he kept motivating his team throughout the match,not losing hope and the result surprised almost everyone present on the field ,but not the manager of AUFC as he had full faith in his players. The  third match started at around noon with the sun directly over our head between Kameng FC and Liekos. 

The players completed the match under the scorching Delhi sun which was in itself a great feat as they played until they were out of their last breath whereas other people would be busy with their afternoon siesta. This match saw a lot of  missed chances from both the sides, frustration clearly visible on everyone's faces but liekos were persistent and as a result they won 3-1.The  first day was filled with action with small disputes, brilliant goals and near misses. The victorious teams celebrated whereas the losing team became even more determined to come back stronger than ever.